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The synthetic flushing composition THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA has a high dissolving power with respect to the hydrocarbon components that make up most of the petroleum oily heat transfer fluids, as well as synthetic organic high-temperature heat transfer fluids. The flushing composition of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA has a very low viscosity and low pour point, a relatively high boiling point and temperature stability, making it ideal for adding to mineral and synthetic heat transfer fluids, especially if they were already susceptible to thermal decomposition or oxidation (coking); in this case, the flushing composition of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA dissolve any oligomeric hydrocarbon sludge and sludge generated in the process of operation of heat exchange systems.

The high dissolving power of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition allows it to effectively cope with the task even when adding only 5% to the volume of the heat transfer fluid.

Pre-cleaning of the system during the working cycle before draining the heat transfer fluid reduces the time of forced downtime of equipment and flushing performed after draining the heat transfer fluid.

In most cases, flushing and mechanical cleaning of the system after draining the heat transfer fluid is not required, which reduces waste disposal costs and equipment downtime.

It reduces viscosity, which increases the efficiency of heat exchange and ensures a complete drain of the heat transfer fluid when it is replaced.

The dissolution of decomposed hydrocarbons makes it possible to increase the service life of the heat transfer fluid before the planned replacement.

Application areas

THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition is used in various industrial processes for heating or cooling with an intermediate heat transfer fluid, in which the low viscosity and high dissolving power of the additive are very important for pre-cleaning the heat exchange system in the intervals between heat transfer fluid replacements or for extending the service life of the heat transfer fluid. The additive is particularly effective as a solvent in systems where hydrocarbon oligomeric sludge and sediment (coke) subjected to temperature decomposition or oxidation are present. In all applications of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition in all of the above conditions, it reduces the costs associated with troubleshooting.

Features of operation

With a low percentage of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition, it has a negligible effect on the steam pressure in the heat exchange system. If the boiling point of the heat transfer fluid is higher than the boiling point of the THERMOCLIEAN® EXTRA additive – 280°C, it is recommended to increase the pressure of the inert gas cushion to maintain the liquid state of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA additive and prevent the release of vapors through the exhaust valves of the expansion tank. The THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA additive must remain in a liquid state in the heat exchange system.

The THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition is highly resistant to thermal stress and improves the overall thermal stability of most oily and liquid heat transfer fluids. The positive effect depends on the added volume of the additive.

To capture solid particles already present in the system, as well as any slowly dissolving new substances at the initial stage of application of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA additive it is usually necessary to use strainers on the pumps of the cleaning system and bypass filters. The THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition does not form a viscous or solid precipitate that could be deposited on the surface of heat exchangers or clog the heat transfer fluid circuit. The additive helps to cope with these problems, however, not all the coke dissolves during the addition of the flushing composition. Part of the coke is washed off the walls of the pipelines and captured by mesh filters.

Compatibility of materials

The THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition does not cause corrosion of metals that are commonly used in heat exchange systems. For flange connections made without welding, seals of the IT-0 type or of fluorinated elastomers can be used at a moderate temperature range (230°C). At higher thermal loads and, in particular, at large temperature differences during the working cycle, high-strength graphite seals with metal inserts are successfully used to ensure the tightness of the heat exchange system. To select the optimal sealing material, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA is compatible with almost all well-known brands of oily heat transfer fluids, both mineral and synthetic:

Mineral heat transfer fluids Synthetic heat transfer fluids
AMT-300 (series P, T, OM, etc.) Dowtherm
Mobiltherm 603, 605 Marlotherm
Shell Thermo Therminol
Fragoltherm XCeltherm

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance Transparent liquid of light-yellow color with a characteristic odor.
Boiling point, °C 280–320
Pour point, ⁰C -45
Density at 20°C, kg/m3 0.865
Kinematic viscosity at 20°C, cSt 5–15
Flash point, °C 165-175
Ignition temperature, °C more than 420
Max. temperature on the film, °C 380
Min. temperature for pumping by the pump, °C about – 20 °C


THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition is extremely effective for troubleshooting, due to its high dissolving power, thermal stability up to temperatures about 360°C, good fluidity in the operating temperature range (no special heating of pipelines is required), and pumpability at temperatures up to -20°C and other advantages, including:

High heat capacity Increases the efficiency of heat exchange
Does not cause corrosion of structural materials Suitable for various systems
Stable with most user materials Long service life
High flash point and spontaneous combustion temperature Difficult-to-ignite substance
Oxidation resistance Allows you to reduce costs
Minimum legal restrictions It is not a substance of increased danger or of limited use
Application during the working cycle There is no need to stop the system

Safety during operation and disposal

In sealed steel containers, the shelf life of the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA flushing composition is 5 years. No special precautions are required during storage. When filling heat exchange systems from barrels or transporting in bulk, as well as during maintenance of heat exchange systems, the usual precautions are applied to avoid contact of oil with the body.

Do not allow oil to get into the soil or sewer system. The high flash point guarantees minimal risk of fire. Do not allow the THERMOCLEAN® EXTRA additive to contact an open flame; use foam and dry reagents to extinguish the fire.

Instructions for safe handling of this product are provided for informational purposes only. Detailed and complete information about safety measures when handling the product can be found in the “Safety Data Sheet of the substance”.

Supplies and technical support            

The company LLC “NPK “POLYESTER” offers a wide range of effective heat carriers under the trademarks TERMOLAN® and detergents and flush oils THERMOCLEAN®. TERMOLAN® branded products are designed for use in the temperature range from minus 115°C to 400°C. THERMOCLEAN® brand products are designed for special applications.

LLC “NPK “POLYESTER” specializes in the production of heat carriers, detergents, as well as indirect heating engineering since 1996 and provides a full cycle of work on the supply of heat carrier:

  • consultation of technologists,
  • selection of the heat transfer fluid subtype,
  • supply of heat transfer fluid,
  • periodic sampling of the heat transfer fluid,
  • control of the key parameters of the heat transfer fluid,
  • recycling/disposal of spent heat transfer fluid.

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