Heat Transfer Fluids

NPK “POLYESTER” is a leading manufacturer of synthetic heat transfer fluids in Russia and the CIS

POLYESTER Research and Production Company is a Russian manufacturer of innovative heat transfer fluids and coolants of the latest generation, which are not inferior in their operational qualities to the products of the best world brands. The development of the company began in 1986, the production is located in the city of Uzlovaya, Tula region. The company has a large research laboratory that conducts research in the field of operation and stability of chemical oils.

In addition to the heat transfer fluids themselves, NPK “POLYESTER” has developed and produces flushing oils and flushing additives for cleaning systems from deposits and scale. Currently, the company produces more than 70 subtypes of various heat transfer fluids operating in the temperature range from -120°C to +400°°C.

In addition, our company provides services for the design and installation of thermal oil boilers, including the reconstruction of existing systems. The products of NPK “POLYESTER” are widely used at more than 1200 industrial enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries.


1 Professional team of scientific workers and managers

2 25-year experience in the markets of Russia and neighboring countries

3 High-quality heat transfer fluids competing with the world’s leading brands

4 Product portfolio of more than 50 heat carriers and flushing fluids

5 A wide range of products operating from minus 120°C to plus 400°C

6 Customer support and consultations by our specialists

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