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TERMOLAN KTERMOLAN K is a high-quality low-temperature heat transfer fluid (coolant) based on potassium salts of carboxylic acids. Termolan K coolant, unlike glycol antifreeze, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly (biodegradable). The salts included in its composition are used as food additives (preservatives E261). In addition, Termolan K has fire extinguishing properties (fire extinguisher) due to its ability to cool and form a crust over burning fuel.

TERMOLAN K series heat transfer fluids (TERMOLAN K-10 – K-55) are used for all types of indirect cooling systems and provide cooling in the range from -10°C to -55°C. Due to its exceptional safety and non-toxicity, it is widely used in food production, in equipment for food storage and trade, in cooling systems of public places such as supermarkets, ice palaces, ice rinks, etc.

TERMOLAN K new generation heat transfer fluids are colorless homogeneous liquids, inert with respect to all types of structural metals, such as steel, various grades of stainless steel, cast iron, brass, copper, red brass, bronze, aluminum, etc. A modern group of corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers give TERMOLAN K antifreeze exceptional corrosion protection; and the absence of glycols allows for low viscosity and good pumpability at low temperatures.

TERMOLAN K coolants can serve as a worthy alternative to Tyfoxit coolant and Temper (for example, Tyfoxit-F brands,Temper-55, etc.)

TERMOLAN K coolants are supplied with 5 subtypes:

  1. Termolan K-10 (pour point -10 °C)
  2. Termolan K-20 (pour point -25 °C)
  3. Termolan K-30 (pour point -30 °C)
  4. Thermolan K-40 (pour point -40 °C)
  5. Termolan K-55 (concentrate) (pour point -55 °C)

The main advantages of the Termolan K coolant:

  • high heat capacity;
  • low viscosity (compared to glycols), which ensures easy pumping at low temperatures and makes it possible to use heat exchangers with narrow tubes;
  • non-toxic (unlike glycols) and safe for both humans and the environment (biodegradable);
  • it is not flammable at any concentrations, fire and explosion-proof;
  • when the freezing point is reached, it practically does not increase in volume, which prevents scission of the pipeline in case of complete freezing of the antifreeze in the system (at extremely low temperatures, below -60°C… -70°C).

According to the physical-chemical parameters, the Termolan K coolant corresponds to the data indicated in the table.

Characteristics of the TERMOLAN K coolant

The name of the indicator TERMOLAN K
K-10 K-20 K-30 K-40 K-55
Appearance Homogeneous light-yellow liquid, or colorless
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 1.085±0.01 1.140±0.01 1.180±0.01 1.210±0.01 1.240±0.01
Freezing point, °C, less than – 10 -20 -30 -40 -55
Boiling point, °C 110±2 110±2 110±2 110±2 110±2
pH at 20 ° C 8.5±0.5 8.5±0.5 8.5±0.5 8.5±0.5 8.5±0.5
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, cSt 1.35±0.05 1.55±0.05 1.80±0.05 2.25±0.05 2.40±0.05
Heat capacity at 20 °C, kJ/kg•K 3.580 3.320 3.150 3.050 2.890
Thermal conductivity at 20 °C, W/m•K 0.545 0.510 0.490 0.470 0.450

TERMOLAN K coolant does not belong to dangerous goods.

The warranty period of storage of the TERMOLAN K coolant is 1 year.

Coolants of the TERMOLAN K series are the successors of the modern line of TERMOLAN™ heat transfer fluids manufactured by the Polyester company.

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