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TERMOLAN FTERMOLAN F is a series of heat transfer fluids based on propylene glycol, with an operating temperature range from – 60°C to + 115°C depending on the subtype of the heat transfer fluid.

TERMOLAN F heat transfer fluid is intended for use in autonomous heating and air conditioning systems of industrial enterprises and residential buildings, as well as as working fluids in heat exchangers operating at low temperatures. Unlike heat transfer fluids containing toxic ethylene glycol, TERMOLAN F is not toxic, its spills and leaks do not pose a danger and can be cleaned with a conventional room cleaning cloth. This allows the use of this heat transfer fluid in food production and warehouses, as well as in domestic conditions.

A modern group of corrosion inhibitor additives makes TERMOLAN F heat transfer fluids safe for most types of alloys, including aluminum, as well as for most parts made of various types of rubbers and plastics.

Depending on the operating conditions of the system with a heat transfer fluid, various subtypes of Termolan F are used. The main subtypes and their characteristics are listed in the table

Indicator: TERMOLAN F
F F-20 F-35 F-45 F-55 F-65 FX
Pour point, °C, no more -55 -20 -35 -45 -55 -65 -60
Boiling point, °C, not less 155 102 103 104 106 110 185
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 1.034 1.034 1.038 1.040 1.042 1.044 1.036

TERMOLAN F series heat transfer fluids are supplied in cans, barrels, cubic containers, as well as in tankers in bulk.

Heat transfer fluids TERMOLAN F can be used as an alternative to Dowfrost, Antifrogen L, Dowcal 200 and other propylene and ethylene glycol-containing heat transfer fluids.

The high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid Termolan F is one of the TERMOLAN™ line of heat transfer fluids manufactured by the company Polyester.

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